Aristolochia sempervirens

De hoogte na jaar is 4. De bloemkleur is creme-rood. Duitse pijp, Middellandse Zeegebie blad hartvormig. Deze soort kan beter een plaats krijgen op een zonnige muur. Maakt in één seizoen wel scheuten .

Cool evergreen vine or goundcover native to the Mediterranean with heart- shaped leaves and in spring through fall Dutchman pipe flowers yellow-throated. The flowers are solitary, axillary,and hanging down on long pedicels. This species is accepte and its native range is Sicilia to E. Evergreen shrubby climber with twining, wiry stems to 5m long but usually much less.

Superdivision: Spermatophyta. Quirky little evergreen vine from the Mediterranean that brings delight far out of proportion to the size of its flowers. Small curved pipe-like flowers are a subtle . Osterlucie, met langwerpig hartvormige gespitste gegolfde Bladen, een slappe Steng en eenzaame Bloemen .

Aristoloche toujours verte. Photos Limassol by George Konstantinou. ARISTOLOCHIA SEMPERVIRENS. A native to northern Africa. Glossy sharply pointed heart-shaped evergreen leaves twist and twine.

Meer informatie over dit onderwerp kunt u terugvinden op de website van Plantentuin Esveld in Boskoop. This record has been created during indexing and did not explicitly exist in the source data as such. It is an evergreen climber to 5m, that sometimes sprawl on the ground. Glossy, sharply pointe and wavy heart-shaped leaves try to compete for interest with mid-spring, violet . Joy Creek Photo Archive (c) all rights reserve We received this unusual climber from the . Precious brown striped yellow flowers in the . Photo: (c) Wildlife Travel, some rights . Eine bedingt winterharte Kletterpflanze.

Drucken Versenden Teilen Twittern . Scientific classification. A terrific miniature evergreen climber, perfect for decorating low shrubs like Brooms, Lavender and Cistus, as it does .

Another wildflower from the slopes of mount Giouchtas. Hungry baby birds from the .



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